Why Hire a Virtual Paralegal

-Ybooks_laptop_hiresou need to free up time to work on other projects, grow your client base or just  take much needed time for yourself

-You want to save money by paying for services on an as-needed or project-by-project  basis

-You are just starting out and not ready to hire or don't plan to hire in-house staff

-You have overflow work and your in-house staff is overwhelmed or needs a vacation

-You do not want to invest in additional computer equipment, software or office space

-You do not have to pay until you are satisfied with the quality of work presented

                                                                                                    -There are certain aspects of your work you find tedious

Contact us when you need virtual assistance and we will customize our service to fit your needs.  Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Petition preparation ranges from $300-500, Chapter 13 from $500-750; Immigrant Visa Application price will depend on type and volume of supporting documentation required (costs will average around 20-25% of Attorney's fees).  


Passion for What We Do

C6805603588_7a57700354_oustomized Paralegal is founded by a former attorney with approximately 15 years in the legal profession.  Therefore, we have a unique understanding of the demands and challenges you face in your legal career.  When you turn over a project to us, it is not just a job to us.  We have a passion for what we do and our mission is to help you become more productive with less time and better manage your work load.

The legal profession tends to attract perfectionists and extremely hard workers.  Those who answer the call have a strong belief in justice.  You feel a duty to fully engage yourself in your legal career.  However, recent statistics have revealed that legal professionals experience high levels of stress, depression, anxiety and other mental health issues at higher rates than the normal population.  The desire to see the legal process live up to its ideals can lead you to put your needs last.  Customized Paralegal provides an alternative way for you to delegate certain tasks virtually.  We want you to  achieve more work-life balance.       




Confidentiality is of utmost importance to us. We respect the Code of Ethics of the legal industry and follow those rules. We take proper precautions to ensure no files' information regarding our work assignment is divulged to anyone.


Many of our communications occur through email. Documents and files are often shared through platforms such as G Suite or other cloud-based providers. We will discuss your preferences concerning cloud-based services , and a plan will be implemented which meets your specifications.


We will perform an internal conflict of interest check. A conflict of interest check will also be performed with any contract paralegal assigned to your files. You will be made aware of any potential conflicts or red flags. In addition, we maintain a Conflict of Interest Policy outlining steps to be taken should a conflict arise.


We understand that security breaches can have critical ethical consequences. We don’t take that responsibility lightly. We constantly review new technologies and software which relate to security concerns in the legal industry.